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Little House of Horrors

    Have you ever wondered why film companies spend millions of dollars making horror movies? A few months ago, I watched a film called, “Life.” The plot revolved around a single-celled creature, that grows aboard a space station from soil samples … Continue reading

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Facing a Cat-astrophe

  I just read a fascinating story about what’s called a “Cat Café.” No, it’s not what you may think. I made the same mistake, in thinking it was a fine eating establishment run by food-loving feline entrepreneurs, with a … Continue reading

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Slowly Becoming…….Bleached Bones!

The other day, I complained to a friend about the sparse rainfall, low humidity, and intense heat, which had turned my once lush and beautiful yard, into a bleak and desolate landscape of dried grass, wilted flowers, an algae-covered pond, drifting … Continue reading

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