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I'm a simple, middle class family man, living a quiet life in eastern Pennsylvania. As you can see from my picture, I just became a first-time grandfather. I love to write and make people laugh. I'm trying to be a full-time writer. I've faced some things over the past few years, including health problems that have slowed me down in my dreams, but I'm back, and writing again. Over the past few years, I've written a number of books, but none have been published. That's about to change. I will be self-publishing "Simple Observations," through iuniverse in the next few months. I'll keep you updated on its status. Thank you for coming to my site. I hope you enjoy the visit.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

My son’s senior year of college is starting, and yesterday was move-in day. Driving to school with him in the front passenger seat, I noticed, he seemed a little distracted. As I drove, he opened up the sun visor at … Continue reading

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Can You Spare a Square?

I was comfortably sitting and relaxing this morning, as I read my Sunday newspaper. Finishing the sports page, and preparing to check the business section, I just happened to glance to my left. The sight I saw, sent chills up … Continue reading

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A Little Space…..Please!

Is it just me, or is the concept of “Personal Space,” disappearing from modern society? I read that personal space, is defined as the region surrounding a person, which they regard as psychologically theirs. It is an invisible bubble that … Continue reading

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Check This Out

  My wife has a difficult job that consumes a lot of her time. To lighten her workload a little, I’ve begun doing most of the grocery shopping, and some of the meal preparation. I haven’t been having too much … Continue reading

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Running from Dinosaurs

This past weekend, I watched parts of a Jurassic Park Marathon. To be honest, I’m not sure any sane human being could sit through all four movies in a row. The cinematic spectacles, involved thousands of animatronic, and computer-generated dinosaurs, … Continue reading

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Just a Walk in the Dark

  I recently started a new job that requires me to leave for work, a few hours before the first rays of sunlight creep over the eastern horizon. This schedule, has forced me to take my dog, Chase, for long … Continue reading

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My Wife’s Escape

I know that all marriages have their ups and downs, but after twenty-three years of wedded bliss, something’s changed. I’m not exactly sure what it is, but my wife has been distant lately, seems preoccupied with something, and we just don’t … Continue reading

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Have any of you ever watched a reality television series called, “Naked and Afraid?” It just started its seventh season, and can be seen on the Discovery Channel. Each episode of the show, chronicles the life and death struggles of … Continue reading

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Just a Fruitcake

  I was going to save this simple observation of fruitcakes for closer to Christmas, but a strange thing happened to me the other day. I was cleaning out a hallway closet, when an extremely heavy, brick like object, fell … Continue reading

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Bad for You – But oh so Good

Do you know that the the Food and Drug Administration has mandated, that by May of 2018, a large percentage of places serving food in the United States, will be required by law to have extensive calorie, and content labeling? … Continue reading

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