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You are Not Alone

A week or so after Thanksgiving, and once the Black Friday insanity has abated; a slow and steady migration begins. It is much like the great movements of the African Wildebeests, as they single-mindedly make their way across vast savannahs … Continue reading

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Gobbling Down a Meal

Though Thanksgiving is celebrated in a few other countries, it has developed into a distinctly American tradition. It is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November, and the day after, known as “Black Friday,” has unofficially become the start … Continue reading

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Getting to the Friendly Skies

I was thinking about writing a simple observation of everyday life, involving the wonderful experience of airports, and traveling the friendly skies, in spacious, comfortable, and worry-free airplanes. That was until, I spent four hours in an airport, endured incredible … Continue reading

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Holy Cow – Someone’s in Trouble

Yesterday, I was on my way home from work; and as I often do, began thinking about subjects for my next simple observation of everyday life. Turning into my development, I noticed, a few doors down from my house, was … Continue reading

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