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Now, That’s What I Call Clean

I was taking a nice, relaxing, hot shower early this morning, with a large, white, freshly opened bar of original Ivory soap, when two things happened. I somehow managed to get some soap in one eye, and then the rectangular shaped bar slipped … Continue reading

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Men’s Secret Language

I recently read an interesting article about a super computer nicknamed Watson, which was developed by IBM. You may have heard about it, from its participation on the television show Jeopardy, in which it easily defeated two human participants in … Continue reading

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Another Candle on the Cake

As temperatures begin to cool, the days get shorter, and the leaves on the trees, start to show their fall colors; I’m reminded that another long year has passed. It’s also, almost time for visits from good friends, the unwrapping … Continue reading

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Clothing Optional

If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you already know three things. I’m extremely self-conscious when it comes to my own personal nakedness, I have no doubt that other people would not appreciate seeing me au natural, and I’ve … Continue reading

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Turning into a Giant

  Back in June, I wrote a post called, “The Incredible Shrinking man.” At that time, after a visit to my doctor, I was convinced that I was rapidly shrinking. Since then, I’ve been noticing some disturbing trends involving my … Continue reading

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Hair Today – Gone Tomorrow

This morning after shaving, I took a good like at my face and head. Like most middle-aged men, I’m starting to see the inevitable, and rapid transfer of massive quantities of hair follicles, from the top of my cranium, to … Continue reading

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Looking for Love

For the purpose of full disclosure, and in the presence of my fellow bloggers; I am stating for the record, that in a little over a week, I will be celebrating twenty-three years of wedded bliss, to the most wonderful … Continue reading

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Be Sure to Flush

A few weeks ago, the Powerball Lottery jackpot in my state, had reached close to half a billion dollars. I played a few tickets, and as I often do; daydreamed of being the sole winner of hundreds of millions of … Continue reading

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Got Milk?

Have any of you, recently taken a good look at the dairy case in your local supermarket? I could be wrong, but didn’t it used to be a simple, well-lit, refrigerated structure, filled with rows of cold, delicious, vitamin fortified … Continue reading

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The Good Old Days?

My youngest son, left a few days ago, to start his final year of college. Not one to waste time, and always planning on the future; I grabbed my trusty tape measure, and went into his room, to possibly procure … Continue reading

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