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That’s What I Call Love

I was at Amazon Prime last week, looking for a unique gift for a friend’s twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. I figured, he’d enjoy a funny tee-shirt with the words, “Just Kill Me, Please,” or maybe a frightening picture of the Grim … Continue reading

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Looking Like a Geek God

  I was having trouble sleeping a few nights ago, turned on the TV, saw an infomercial for some kind of abdominal strengthening machine, changed channels, and was met by a man and woman, side by-side on something called a … Continue reading

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Runfer Your Life!

Most of us have observed domesticated fowl, or as they’re commonly known to us as chickens, at one time or another. I saw some just yesterday, and they were just the way I like them; crispy, fried to a golden … Continue reading

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Sick and Waiting…..Room

If you’ve ever been in a doctor’s waiting room, it’s pretty obvious where the name comes from. What I don’t understand is why in the world, they have to be so uncomfortable. The doctors know we may be packed like … Continue reading

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

My son’s senior year of college is starting, and yesterday was move-in day. Driving to school with him in the front passenger seat, I noticed, he seemed a little distracted. As I drove, he opened up the sun visor at … Continue reading

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Can You Spare a Square?

I was comfortably sitting and relaxing this morning, as I read my Sunday newspaper. Finishing the sports page, and preparing to check the business section, I just happened to glance to my left. The sight I saw, sent chills up … Continue reading

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A Little Space…..Please!

Is it just me, or is the concept of “Personal Space,” disappearing from modern society? I read that personal space, is defined as the region surrounding a person, which they regard as psychologically theirs. It is an invisible bubble that … Continue reading

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Check This Out

  My wife has a difficult job that consumes a lot of her time. To lighten her workload a little, I’ve begun doing most of the grocery shopping, and some of the meal preparation. I haven’t been having too much … Continue reading

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Running from Dinosaurs

This past weekend, I watched parts of a Jurassic Park Marathon. To be honest, I’m not sure any sane human being could sit through all four movies in a row. The cinematic spectacles, involved thousands of animatronic, and computer-generated dinosaurs, … Continue reading

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Just a Walk in the Dark

  I recently started a new job that requires me to leave for work, a few hours before the first rays of sunlight creep over the eastern horizon. This schedule, has forced me to take my dog, Chase, for long … Continue reading

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